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The guest house at Providencia features three cozy rooms, offering a peaceful retreat for those seeking a more immersive experience in our space.

Private Room

The space features a private bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a reading nook with a desk, a bench, a small closet, a bookshelf/storage shelf, and a dresser. 1 - 3 month stays. The 1.5 bathrooms, kitchen, and common areas are shared with the household.

Private Room with Balcony

Includes spacious upstairs room with queen bed, desk, and kitchenette. 1 - 3 month stays. WiFi. Private balcony. Shared 1.5 bathrooms w/ host + 1 other guest.

Tiny Room

A tiny main-floor bedroom in a historic cottage. 1 - 3 month stays. Perfect for a person seeking a simple place to rest. The room contains a twin bed, a small cabinet, coat hooks, and a shelf.


A guest has access to shared spaces including 1/2 bath, kitchen, living and dining rooms on the main floor, laundry and main bathroom on the 2nd floor, patios & backyard. Upstairs guests and the host share common spaces.

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